Fire And Forget

...slaves to the riff!


"We are the prophets of the Gospel of Steel. We are the new generation of iconoclasts. We are the people your mum and dad warned you about.

WE ARE FIRE AND FORGET and we - and you - and all of us - are SLAVES TO THE RIFF!"

UPDATE: We have a new online shop! We'll be selling tickets, demos, and hopefully t-shirts through here soon...

We're also delighted to announce that we'll be supporting our long-time allies ROME BURNS at their album preview party on Wednesday 12 November 2008, at the Man on the Moon! Tickets available from the link above!

Rome Burns/Fire & Forget!

Fire and Forget are: Richard Watts (guitarist and founding member), Oliver Twisted (vocals), Kit Rathenar (bass) and Mikki Scorpion (drums). United by dedication and a passionate drive to make the music they love, this close-knit team of friends have carried on even when all others despaired of them; and now, we reckon we're about ready to take on the world!

Formed in Cambridge in the year 2000 at an Iron Maiden tribute night, Fire and Forget have in their time been accused of perpetrating everything from Rock, to Metal, to Punk, to Goth, to Led Zeppelin impressions; and they have, indeed, been guilty of all of the above and more. However, despite their varied range of influences and styles, they have never pandered to short-lived fads and trends. Fire and Forget's mission has always been to make music that both they and their fans can enjoy and respect, and it is this commitment that has carried them through where lesser bands have fallen by the wayside.

Fire and Forget's EP "Blood, Sweat & Tears", showcasing the band's updated musical direction with four tracks of stylish, melodic and eclectic punk/goth/metal, is currently on general release. Our 2003 EP "Spirit of '84" is also still available for fans of the older material. We're still gigging around Cambridge and anywhere else that'll have us, so if you want to see this unique and dramatic band live on a stage near you, now is the time to get in touch! SEE YOU ON THE ROAD!


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