Fire And Forget

...slaves to the riff!


L-R: Richard Watts, Oliver Twisted, Kit Rathenar, Mikki Scorpion

Fire and Forget are:

Oliver Twisted - vocals
Charismatic, forceful and occasionally terrifying, Oliver is the guiding hand and iron lungs of Fire and Forget's onstage persona, turning in performances that can best be described as hypnotic in their intensity. Behind the scenes, he also contributes a significant portion of the band's songwriting talent and is responsible for much of their "edge". His cited influences include Glenn Danzig's Misfits, the Cramps, and Elvis Presley(!)

Richard Watts - guitars
Fire and Forget's resident daydreamer genius. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of rock and blues styles, but especially from his love of Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest and the Mission, Richard writes songs faster than the rest of the band can learn them and loves nothing more than to be given a guitar and told to do his own thing! His signature weapon is a left-hand sunburst Les Paul.

Kit Rathenar - bass
A born headbanger of the true old school, Kit joined Fire and Forget in 2002. She has since carved out a niche as the sonic anchor of the group; her confident, straightforward style favours groove and rhythmic strength over technical ostentation. Her heroes are Steve Harris, Gene Simmons and Kalma of Lordi; her signature weapon is a Silvertone Apocalypse Special.

Mikki Scorpion - drums
Mikki Scorpion began his career as a classical guitarist, but then he discovered rock and roll, figured out how to use the gain control and never looked back. He switched to drums in late 2005, developing an ambitious and eclectic technique that turned out to be an ideal complement to Fire and Forget's iconoclastic songwriting style. His influences include everyone from the Dire Straits to Motley Crue, via the Spiders from Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.


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